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We belong

The Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith is not for us to live and study alone; we were designed for relationships with each other and for a spiritual connection with God. We at Hope Church belong belong to a people who strive together to remain as one.

We worship

We were called by God to do many things. We live, think, work, speak, eat and drink to the magnification of God. We give thanks through worship by remember his many givings through praying, singing, teaching and by celebrating his love through baptism and communion. We invite you to to worship and celebrate with us.

We serve

We don't just go to church to sit down. We serve God as an expression of gratitude, love and stewardship of grace. In everything we remain marked by humility, generosity and hospitality. It seeks to extend God’s grace and mercy to others for His glory and not our own.

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