What is the most important thing to you?

Think about the five things you feel are most important to you. Is it your phone, laptop or games console? your pet? the roof over your head? your freedom? your independence? money?

Now, out of those five things cross off the one thing you feel you could live without. Now, do this again and out of the remaining three pick out the one thing most important to you.

How many of you picked God? How many of you even had God as an option?

It’s true that life can get really hectic - whether you're working, at uni, school or none of the above. Whether things are going well or the opposite ensues and everything seems to be ridiculously bleak it’s easy to get lost in the sauce that is life.

It’s in these moments that we tend to focus on the situations we find ourselves in and more often than not we forget to spare God a thought, let alone prioritise Him. We all do it, I know that I'm guilty of it.

When this happens we tend to make excuses, 'Oh I'm just so busy today', 'I've got this meeting/this exam' blah blah blah and we make these excuses, not for the sake of others, but for selfish purposes - to make ourselves feel better. That's because we know better.

We know what we should be doing but our reality never really seems to reflect that knowledge. But take a look at God. How busy He is every day, I can't even begin to imagine His to-do list but yet still he prioritises me, and He priorities you.

It's time reevaluate the things we deem important and consider how we can use or even forgo them to strengthen our relationships with God

With the advances that modern technology has provided us maintaining a relationship with God should be a breeze.

Downloading free apps onto your phone simply takes a few clicks. No longer can you say I didn't have time for bible study when it's just a click away. But sometimes that's not enough if you're like me and have a multitude of these apps already present on your phone tucked nicely into the appropriate folder they can quite often get neglected.  

Practical Steps: Take action. Take it that step further. Set yourself notifications and alarms that remind you to read your Bible or devotion. If that doesn't work but you know you go on Snapchat 20 times a day put that devotional app right next to Snapchat, and remind yourself to make some time for God today, because he always, always makes time for you.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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