Top 5 Gospel songs about Hope

“Jeremiah 29:11: “ For I know the plans, I have you for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future”

These are the top 5 songs that give me the hope that God is going to do amazing things for me and the people who trust in Him. It just puts a BIG smile on my face and makes me cry tears of JOY! This may sound cheesy, but this is genuinely how I feel! 😊

1. Called Out Music – I Am Free

In this song, the singer testifies that God has been good to him. This gives me hope that God can change my story if I let Him in whatever I am going through. It gives me hope that God is able to deliver us!

2. Kurt Karr- Almost Let Go

The tempo of this sing is slow, but it gives me a message of hope. This song illustrates that at times when I want to give up, God’s mercy is able to keep me. This makes me emotional, but it gives me great hope that God is able to take me over whatever hurdle I am going through.

3. Joe Mettle - Yesu Mo (Thank You, Jesus)

To start of with, Yesu Mo is in the Twi (Ghanaian) dialect, meaning ‘Thank You, Jesus’. This song says that God will never leave us or forsake us, which gives me so much hope at times when I am feeling hopeless. This song puts a BIG smile on my face.

4. Esther Amako- He Can Do It

This gives me immense hope; the words of this song are very powerful, which encourages me.

5. Joe Mettle – God of Miracles

Last but not least…

As the song rightly says, God is the ‘God of Miracles’ and there is nothing too hard for Him.

This is a message of hope: there is nothing that God cannot do!

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