All about my mood swings

When you read the title 'mood swings' I'm sure all that came to mind was the casual thought of someone's mood naturally switching from one emotion to another. Normally that would be accurate but in this case, I'm talking about the extreme mood changes from one heightened emotion to another....abnormal right?

For a long time, I've been feeling as though my moods can be rather unpredictable. One minute I'm extremely happy and excited, bursting with tireless amounts of energy and the next I am solemn, drained and exhibiting a facial expression that read feelings of sadness and anger.

These mood changes happen ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and come at the most random of times; For example at school, church, bible study and when I'm out with family or friends. Since it goes without saying that the body communicates what the mind and soul (as well as the obvious...organs and bodily systems) feel inside I think I was accurate in assuming that there was something inside me that I wasn't happy about or dealing with appropriately.

For a long time, I blamed my sudden mood changes on the fact that I was 'tired' or often a time just said nothing was wrong. That right there was and still is the problem, choosing to dismiss the clear warning signs your body is giving you about your mental well-being is a major issue. 

You wouldn't ignore your leg if it was bleeding so why do you decide to ignore you, heart/soul, if it's hurting.

I realised that although I do just generally have mood changes at an abnormally fast rate there are things I could still do to help the fact that I am feeling sadness without particularly knowing why.

1. Allowing a sense of vulnerability, 

Let people know that you are upset even if you don't know why. I've seen that since pushing myself at certain times to let someone know I'm upset when they sense my change of mood has allowed God and the person to issue me some sort of comfort through the words they have said.

2. Feed your mind

The type of things you feed your mind and the people you surround yourself with also has a big impact. When your circle is optimistic and caring that rubs off on you without even knowing.

3. Positive thoughts

I've also made an effort to put a positive affirmation or message in my head every day, I have post-it notes plastered on my walls and cupboards that either tell me a nice quote, bible verse or affirmation. This helps dramatically as it helps counter the negative subliminal thoughts that may creep out.

Savannah's wall of thoughts / affirmation

4. Desire change

You also have to make the mental and physical decision to want to change this feeling your feeling. Whenever you sense this cloudy state of mind approaching try to keep yourself busy by participating in a productive activity or just doing something that makes you happy. For me that can be music, (not the sad kind the kind that makes you want to jump up and dance) talking to friends or watching my favourite show.

These steps intertwined with the most important thing which is prayer help to make the extreme change more comfortable. Don't just accept sadness, encourage happiness in all areas of your life!

Hope this helps somebody, 

Love Savannah x

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