My Christian R&B music...🤍

October 20, 2023
5 min read
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In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, in a land where war and bloodshed is all that we see, sometimes it is necessary to look to other forms of art as a form of escape, peace even.

Music is just one of those many forms.

When asked by my brother in christ Derrick if he could have the honour of posting my christian playlist, I can’t lie, I hesitated. Not because there was anything wrong with my playlist, not because of any legalities either. But I was still consumed by the thoughts and perceptions of other people and the world...which could probably give you an indication of where I am with my own personal journey with christ.

I am not a newbie, nor a reformed Christian. I am just a standard come to church on a sabbath, serve and go home type of girl...well I think thats the standard, am I wrong? But slowly, I have started to come out of my shell and be able to situate myself within the ministry I believe I have been called to do- food ministry.

That is another blog for another day. Point is, through the unprecendented times we live in, I have always clung on to music as my peace, meditation...even as devotion in moments where I have no words for prayer. I can’t speak for everyone when it comes to the power of music in their lives, but I can speak for mine.

The power of the gospel, whether it is preached or sung, will always have power. That will never change. For me as a christian woman, I find myself tainted yes, in some aspects where my taste for godly music doesn’t always fit with the standard gospel anthems that are currently praised by denominations across the board. I like to think of my music taste as something urban, something smooth and gentle to the ears...

Where the artist isn’t necessarily straining her vocals just to get the Lords words to be received...where the artist is just merely telling a story of how we are saved in his glory, without a dramatic entry or exit. I guess this is where the public debate comes in of “oh but that’s christian rnb”. Of course, I am not one to argue whether it is or isn’t but since when did it become a necessity to brand/ compare genres of christian songs to the world standards anyway?

That is a question I ask myself quite often, every time someone asks to have access to the very playlist that has now brought me here. So moving away from that trend, I would like to address this playlist for what it is, a compiled series of different elective voices talking about our Lord from different perspectives, to be reminded of his everlasting love for us. To not lose hope in the darkest of hours, to find joy even in the little mundane things we do for ourselves and those around. To love ourselves just as the lord loves us. Because what is the point of living in a world desperately trying to love the lord if we don’t reflect that ounce of love back into ourselves just as God had asked?

Sometimes we can get pulled into thinking we have to give ourselves to the world similarly to Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice. But the truth is anything but that, God doesn’t want us to die for the world...he had died so that we, YOU, could live in prosperity and tell his story...just by simply being who you are.

So with all these thoughts and observations, I had chosen to pray and display anyway 😊 my beautiful playlist to you. In the hopes that no matter what you are going through, even if you are not going through anything and just looking for more songs to have your cup spiritually filled by, that my playlist offers that type of peace and happiness to you.

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