Every person matters and has a story. As God’s representatives here on earth, we have a missional obligation to care about people.

What is this about?

Love in Action is a Hope SDA initiative about finding one opportunity every month to take time out of our busy life schedules to unite and help our local communities. We're aiming to meet people where they are and show them the same love God showed us.

How do I get involved?

It’s simple. Choose one Sunday every month which you can commit to volunteering for just a few hours. Register your details below (or whatsapp Josephine here) and you’ll be added to a group alongside other individuals who will be volunteering on the same day.

Thanks for registering!

For any more information, feel free to contact
Josephine on 07846684868
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Whats the current project

We will be working with Night-watch Croydon to help their Homeless Initiative. This organisation plays a pivotal role in identifying and aiding the newly homeless, as well as creating safer spaces for and within the existing homeless community.

Do you have an idea?

Great! we're looking rotate initiatives every few months so please suggest any ideas you have. The most important aspect of this is unity. Send a whatsapp to the outreach team here.

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